3xLOGIC Inc. has been a leading innovator in security technology for 15+ years. The company is recognized for providing easy-to-use surveillance and business intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate video, access control, alarm audio and video verification, and disparate data sets such as ATM, Point-of-Sale, analytics, and more.

3xLOGIC’s business intelligence platform can mine enormous amounts of “dark data” and turn it into actionable information to drive positive organizational change. 3xLOGIC’s technology represents a new paradigm:  extracting more value from already-collected data to solve problems that have been eluding organizations for years.

In March 2015, 3xLOGIC acquired infinias, a well-established cloud-based access control provider. Now, the company offers a combined cloud-based access control and video surveillance solution, making 3xLOGIC one of the first providers of a fully-integrated cloud-based small business solution. The company’s Intelli-M access control platform showcases the signature beauty of the cloud—it scales from one door to thousands. 3xLOGIC counts more than 200,000 doors under management, with 50% serviced in the cloud, and no limit in sight.

3xLOGIC’s video surveillance solutions are engineered for highly cost-effective scalability and are remarkably simple to install, use and service. Employing the latest advances in NVR, VMS, IP camera, analytics, cloud, and access control technologies, the company delivers high-value business intelligence anywhere, anytime and from any device, including a user’s smartphone or PDA. The functionality for all 3xLOGIC solutions can be remotely monitored and managed, so end users are free to focus on their business. In addition, a managed services portfolio provides solutions that add significant value for the end-user, while enabling 3xLOGIC integrators to effectively evolve from dealers to high-value strategic partners.

3xLOGIC offers a full range of video surveillance solutions perfect for any security application. All of 3xLOGIC’s products have been explicitly designed for ease-of-installation, simplicity-of-use and unrivaled quality. It’s what sets 3xLOGIC apart from the competition.