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VIGIL Client

VIGIL Client provides remote and/or local live and playback viewing of all video and data collected by a VIGIL Server.  With advanced search capabilities like motion-based Smart Search, time-lapse inspired thumbnail search, and Rapid Stream video compression, investigations can be done remotely and efficiently, allowing for more investigations to be completed during a shift.

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VIGIL Client's advanced search functionality includes: Instant playback of 1, 5 or 10 minute video increments with the click of a mouse, the ability to define advanced search parameters, incorporating video analytics and POS/ATM data integration for unrivalled incident investigations, quickly and accurately navigate through large amounts of recorded high-definition video, advanced playback - review recorded video using an intuitive interface and buttons.

Users can play forward and reverse, at normal or variable speed (up to 120-times), bookmark and export video clips or still images in industry-standard formats including AVI or 3xLOGIC's Authenticated Video for forensic investigations. Files are exported with our exclusive DVPlayer application ensuring that recipients can easily access and view surveillance video related to your investigation.

  • Enhanced Point of Sale event filtering
  • Quick-add additional cameras in playback
  • Export Point of Sale event and tagged footage lists to CSVs
  • Instant Playback of Video over low bandwidth scenarios
  • Export Video to USB or CD/DVD
  • Advanced Search Functionality
    • RapidSeek - low resolution scrubbing
    • Thumbnail Search - Use thumbnails for easy appear/disappear searches
    • Smart Search - identify motion or changes in a specific area of the frame