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infinias ESSENTIALS provides all of the 'essentials' needed to deliver broad access control capabilities to secure and manage your location, within a simple, intuitive browser-based user interface. The software allows you to view, monitor and report on any or all events and alarms; define multiple security roles, access and privileges for individual users, and use the powerful ‘rules engine’ to perform a variety of functions.

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infinias Now Integrates with ENGAGE Wireless Locks!

Just when you thought we couldn't make access control easier to install or adopt, we broke the mold again. infinias now supports Allegion ENGAGE wireless locks, both LE and NDE models.  Save time and money by extending your access control to doors that would be more difficult to traditionally wire.  With ENGAGE locks there are NO WIRES to pull making it easier than ever to extend your security without a heavy lift or remodel of your existing infrastructure.  Whether you're retrofitting an existing office, or just starting your experience with access control, our solutions are designed to be easy to install and use.

The infinias ESSENTIALS Base Software Kit includes pre-installed templates including wiring diagrams that help ensure accurate and efficient installation and offers broad integration with a wide variety of industry-leading video surveillance manufacturers. The Base Software Kit makes it easy and convenient to secure your business, and saves you money thanks to an unlimited door license and support for unlimited number of doors and events, as well as an unlimited number of card holders. 

  • Browser Based Interface – Data is accessible from any standard browser that supports JavaScript without having to log into the software.
  • No Client Software – Eliminates the need to purchase, configure, maintain or update client software—saving you time and money. 
  • People & Groups – Manage people, groups, roles, privileges and credentials from a single screen.
  • Search Simplifies searching for people.
  • Get Events See exactly where someone has been.
  • Custom Fields Enter important user information.
  • Live Muster Displays the image of cardholders.
  • Door Status Improve monitoring.
  • Auto Discovery Simplify configuration.
  • Zones Simplify privileges and management of zones.
  • Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 Design badges and create reports.
  • Weekly Schedules Convenient access scheduling.
  • Holidays Create exceptions to a schedule.

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