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Exit Device


The 3xLOGIC Access Control Readers and Door Accessories are a robust, affordable, and outdoor friendly line of devices capable to meet the need of any and all locations. The reader was designed for sleek and attractive aesthetic and its moulded aluminum body makes them desirable for securing any doors or gates. This elegant family of products with a slim and compact design supports a new and innovative door status visibility while ensuring that the environment is safe for all employees, customers, and guests. 

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The 3xLOGIC R-MEXIT-CHAR exit device is a small form factor unit, charcoal in color, offering a unique and attractive appearance. The sleek device is suitable for any environment, indoor or outdoor. Equipped with a polycarbonate front plate, it is stylish, slim, and compact in design. The R-MEXIT-CHAR is compatible with most access control systems and can work independently of the access control system. 

  • Sensitive capacitive touch activation, allowing egress for people of any age or strength. 
  • Ensures a safe environment for your employees, customers, and partners. 
  • Essential in areas where aesthetics are key. 
  • Arrow icon that eliminates language barriers. 
  • Functional as an independent, manually controlled, non-mechanical, entirely electronic push button. 
3xLOGIC Branded Exit Device