Mobile Credential


infinias Mobile Credential provides convenient access control, allowing authorized users to request access to doors from their iPhone or Android phone – with the touch of a button. 

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  • Convenience – Request access to the doors at your facility with a touch of your phone. infinias Mobile Credential is iOS and Android compatible and allows authorized users access to designated doors. 
  • Increased security – If a phone goes missing, the phone owner usually notices right away, unlike a card or fob that could go unnoticed or unreported for days. Phones are also less likely to be shared. Using a smartphone as a credential provides an increased layer of security by allowing users in a corporate setting to capitalize on their corporate mobile device policies to require authenticated device unlock by pin, gesture or biometric, effectively adding multi-factor authentication to infinias Mobile Credential.
  • Log of events – infinias Access Control Management software provides a record of each access control event and transaction, documenting each time a user’s mobile phone is presented for use.
  • Simplified credentials management – If a phone is lost or an employee is terminated the credential can immediately and easily be deactivated to prevent unauthorized access.
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