DIGIOP Video Management Solutions for Retail

Retail Solutions

Whether you manage a single retail store, a multi-site retail franchise, or a nation-wide retail chain, you need a video and data management solution to provide value well beyond the basic benefits of security, loss prevention, and risk management.

Today's retail business managers need tools specifically designed to empower their security, marketing and operational teams with information to effectively grow and protect the company's bottom line.

DIGIOP's video and data management software, DIGIOP ELEMENTS™, provides intelligent visual integration with existing retail systems to solve long-standing challenges faced by retailers of every size and specialty.

DIGIOP® solutions are ideal for variety of retail applications including convenience stores, gas stations, apparel retailers, specialty stores, grocery stores, high-risk stores, full service and quick-serve restaurants.

Retail's Unique Challenges

  • Unsteady consumer demand, combined with an increase in online shopping, results in an increasing need to captivate customers when they do come into a store and ability to convert customers into sales.
  • Customers are demanding an increasingly customized experience, making real-time data analytics, once a nice-to-have, a critical piece of the puzzle for retailers.
  • With the largest area of profit loss happening at the register, the need to integrate existing POS software to surveillance video is high.
  • Managing remotely business operations for multiple store locations.

DIGIOP Solutions

  • Calculate real-time store conversion rates at each store location. Integrate all video cameras with POS system and remote system management.
  • Configure real-time alerts and notifications to ensure two people are present during every action at the register, and to quickly review in real-time potential fraudulent activity.
  • Monitor customer traffic patterns and heat maps to visualize customer behavior to test merchandising effectiveness.
  • Access live video remotely, through any smart phone, iPad or Tablet PC.
  • Measure customer optimal experience by managing length of the queue, customer time in the queue and service times.

Tips To Optimize Your Solution

  • Managing systems on DIGIOP’s secure, cloud-hosted management portal is a perfect solution for multi-site deployments. Although this option requires internet access, it can be centrally managed from anywhere in the world.
  • Position cameras at all entrances and exits (preferably at eye level or above) in order to get a clear identity of each person who enters your store.
  • Place surveillance cameras in stock rooms and storage areas to prevent employee theft and track your merchandise.
  • Focus additional cameras (consider hidden cameras) on areas where valuable merchandise (jewelry, electronics, pharmaceuticals) is stored or shelved.
  • Outdoor cameras in your parking lot can help reduce theft of customer cars, shopping carts, and help to reduce store liability in the event of accident.

Additionally, DIGIOP solutions provide

Seamless Data Integration
Integrate surveillance video with data from third-party applications and devices

Unified Dashboard
Integrate surveillance video with data from third-par A single, user-friendly interface that provides access to your business-critical video and data intelligence

Hosted Enterprise
Integrate surveillance video with data from third-par Hosted user rights and permissions provides remote management from anywhere in the world and failover protection

Simple Licensing
Integrate surveillance video with data from third-par You only pay for what you need, and you only pay once

Integrate surveillance video with data from third-par A scalable architecture designed to support you as your business needs grow

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“We are now able to use this tool to improve our service levels to our customers, reward our associates for their store's success, and appropriately staff to accommodate our peak shopping times. These enhancements enable The Limited to be more effective, more competitive and ultimately, more profitable.”

— Roger Coville, Chief Information Officer, The Limited


DIGIOP® Retail Intelligent Solutions Integrated with Your Data Device


Loss Prevention

Leverage surveillance video and data intelligence to identify and prevent loss – in real time – to improve profitability, and to identify and remove the criminal elements from your business.

  1. Employee theft
  2. Shoplifting
  3. Transactional shrinkage
  4. Inventory loss
Loss Prevention

Operational Efficiencies

Leverage surveillance video, data intelligence and customer insights to more effectively manage your store – in real time – to optimize staffing levels, improve customer service, and ultimately increase store profitability.

  • Staffing Levels
  • Speed of Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Store Conversion
  • Operational Efficiencies

    Store Design and Merchandising

    Leverage surveillance video and video analytics to improve store layout and optimize your merchandising activities – in real time – to deliver a better customer experience and improve store performance.

  • Traffic Flow Patterns
  • Store Layout
  • Merchandising Effectiveness

  • Store Design and Merchandising