Access control readers

Access Control

infinias™ makes access control easy. Simply install an eIDC32 door controller in a double-gang box at your door, and connect to the nearest network switch via a single CAT5/6 cable. Add one or more doors anywhere your network goes, making it easy and cost effective to expand your access control system as your needs grow — or as your budget allows. Combine with our browser-based access management software for a scalable solution that can be deployed in a single building or across multiple locations.

Video Management

Designed with a scalable and easy to manage architecture, DIGIOP's powerful video management software and purpose-built recording solutions are ideal for virtually any application — from a single site installation with a few cameras, to a multi-site installation with thousands of cameras . DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ is a powerful video management software application that delivers simple, user-friendly tools designed to help you to find your important video, FASTER! DIGIOP ELEMENTS also supports data integration, allowing you to quickly locate the video associated with data from external devices — such as point-of-sale devices and access control systems — providing immediate video verification.
Get More From Your Video
Get More From Your Video

Cloud Management

Enterprise hosting provides businesses with a cloud-hosted infrastructure for remote access to critical business functions. infinias offers the option for dealers to host and manage their own Access Control or Video Management cloud solution. OR users can take advantage of the proven architecture of the infinias cloud solutions for their Access Control or Video Management needs.

Integrated Access Control + Video Management in One

The infinias Intelli-M Access NVR provides an all-in-one video and access control management solution for monitoring your business around-the-clock. The network video recorder enables you to monitor your locations, manage video and control access—and offers a flexible, cost-effective security solution for a range of industries, including healthcare, banking, education and small to large enterprises.
Access control readers

Completely Open Licensing

All of the infinias products come with completely open licensing. Pay once, and never pay again. No recurring fees, no upgrade costs, and no nickel and diming our dealers. Our Access Control solution allows UNLIMITED number of doors to be added with the purchase of ANY license type. Our Video Management solutions allow up to the MAXIMUM number of cameras supported by the server (dependent upon model) All of these are included WITH YOUR PURCHASE.